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Towards new humanistic perspectives at the interdisciplinary event in Urbino.//
6th-7th July 2019: two days of philosophy and science aimed at self-enhancement and relationships. During these days, Marco Checchi, CEO of Pelliconi, will take part in this important event organized by Istituto Grafologico Internazionale "G. Moretti" of Urbino. Anthropology and new frontiers of approach to the business will come together in his intervention “Business Anthropology: the Responsibility of doing Business innovating in cultures and different contexts. Attached, you can find all the details of the event.

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Cineteca di Bologna reopens the most beautiful cinema in the world.//
Cineteca di Bologna reopens the most beautiful cinema in the world for the 33th edition of “Cinema Ritrovato”. And Pelliconi will be there: on June 25th there will be a Pelliconi night dedicated to the restored version of "The Cameraman" by Buster Keaton. After its great success in the United States, the movie will be screened at Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and the soundtrack will be live played by the Teatro Comunale di Bologna Orchestra. It's an exclusive premiere for Italy. Read all the details in the attachment (Italian only).

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Pelliconi receives Award in Washington D.C.//
Pelliconi is among the 66 companies awarded today in Washington D.C. at the SelectUSA Investment Summit. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump bestowed a prize acknowledging the importance of International Companies that deliver valuable training to nearly a million US workers in American Territory.
Pelliconi presents DAPP: the service to digitise your packaging.//
Pelliconi Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of caps for the beverage sector, is committed to innovation and has launched the DAPP service to offer its clients, and not only, tools to digitise packaging for consumer engagement.
To do this, it has partnered with the start-up company Leevia, which will provide technical and legal support for the prize contests via QR code in the “DAPP Ready” version. The offer also includes options usingAugmented Reality and digital tools to generate product-based interactive marketing and loyalty-building activities with “DAPP PRO”. The aim is to bring end consumers closer to the product through the point of contact itself: the cap and packaging. Discover more on

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Pelliconi: a cap from the future.//
Pelliconi has always been looking towards the future: since 1939 technological innovation has guided the company's choices and perspectives and from today this process is open to everyone. How? Thanks to the “Future Cap Challenge”, a contest dedicated to creatives and designers from around the world. They are asked to design the cap of the future. Where? On the open innovation platform, a meeting digital space that involves an international community in the creative process of new projects.
Designers, creatives, planners will have the opportunity to develop their idea from the beginning to its realization. An intuition that takes into the future with Pelliconi. 
To discover the contest in every detail, click here.
80 years of Pelliconi: Marco Checchi writes to all the personnel of the company.//
An open letter from Marco Checchi, CEO, to the great family of Pelliconi on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the company. To all the personnel, to all the collegues, to all the friends. To you.

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate our company’s 80th anniversary.
This recurrence instantly brings us back to 1939 when Angelo Pelliconi, in his early 30s and with a young daughter, decided to open a small metal production business in Bologna, using all his savings and even some loans. These were the years preceding the war and the country’s situation wasn’t very favorable towards new initiatives, but the strength and motivation that had always distinguished him had the upper hand and, in March of that same year, he records the beginning of Pelliconi’s operations at the Chamber of Commerce in Bologna. The following years were very complicated for him, for his family and for his new company; the war was leaving indelible marks on people and the small building where the company was located was bombed and destroyed twice; all of this did not make him despair, with his wife and daughter displaced in the countryside, he kept his idea alive throughout the war and then finally reached the 50s, when Pelliconi started to look like the company we all know now.
Luckily he was able to witness almost 15 years of success and development of the company, which at that time was distinguished by an innate sense for exports, of which it will become a true national champion later on. Unfortunately, Angelo died in a terrible car accident at only 58, in the middle of Pelliconi’s growth. The company kept moving forward, led by his son-in-law, and our current President, Franco Gnudi, who was already part of the sales team of Pelliconi. Franco succeeds in infusing the company with not only an international spirit but also a managerial imprint, something very rare, even today, in family businesses. Thanks to his capabilities Pelliconi brilliantly overcomes all the periods of crisis that have alternated in Italy, from the energy crisis, to terrorism, etc., always calling for fairness, honesty, quality of products and relationships with his personnel. The rest is recent history that we all know about.
I would like to highlight how Pelliconi's success is to be attributed in equal measure to the family, which has never impoverished the company and has always reinvested profits into the company itself, but also to all the personnel. From 1939 to today, like in a relay race, from generation to generation, we run to keep alive the dream of Angelo Pelliconi, a very precise dream that animated him 80 years ago: to advance his company, benefiting not only himself and his family, but also all the employees, their families and the community in which he lived.
After all, the young men and women who have entered Pelliconi ever since, have received a "baton", which they will carry with pride for their entire career in Pelliconi, committing themselves not to end the dream of that boy from Sesto Imolese , who spent many sleepless nights imagining a better future. This is the spirit that I would like to instill in this year 2019, a year of joy, of festivities, of memories but also of many investment and innovation projects that will characterize our next 5 years, because the 100 candles are just around the corner.

Love you all

Marco Checchi
Beviale Moscow 2019//
Beviale strikes again: this time the leading actor is the Russian market. The well-known exhibition group decided to reproduce its famous format in Moscow from February 19th through February 21th. The perfect place to empower the constantly evolving market all over Eastern Europe. Thanks to this, the event wants to draw the attention of beer lovers and to host the presentation of new ideas and products. You will find Pelliconi at Hall 12, Pavilion 3, booth F33.
Beer Attraction: BBTech Rimini 2019//
Pelliconi will take part to the famous Beer Attraction, Italy’s most important international beer show. For the second consecutive year, Pelliconi will showcase its products and innovations in the pavilion of BBTech: this exhibition space is specifically dedicated to the technologies and equipment for beverages and packaging production. This year the trade show will be in Rimini from February 16th till the 19th. Join Pelliconi at Pavilion C1, booth 091.
Tony Chapple makes the point on sustainability at Pelliconi Florida//
We met Tony Chapple, President of Pelliconi Florida and we had a little talk on Sustainability at Pelliconi. Read more about Tony’s point of view here below. 

What is your stand on sustainability and why it is an important part of your business?
Firstly, sustainability is a huge focus in the Pelliconi group. Marco Checchi, our CEO, absolutely wants us to respect the environment in every way possible and I think this is great. And this is also greater for a big company like Pelliconi: this kind of approach shows its huge effects both in short and long terms.
Secondly, I do actually agree with it on a personal level: I like to be sustainable and environmentally focused so it is something that, as a business, we have to do.
This personal and business choice turns out to be conscious but also convenient: the feedback we have received from our primarily customers, especially on the plastic side, is that sustainability is reducing landfills waste. Some of them make of sustainability a smart plus for their company: due to some of the biggest trends in the market, they adopted recycled materials in the production process. A brilliant way to save money, reduce waste and increase product diversification (all at the same time!).
Therefore, if we want to be leaders in this movement, we have to find new innovative and efficient ways to be sustainable.

What is the relationship between sustainability and business success? 
The approach to sustainability changed drastically in the past 10 years. Few years back, customers only cared about quality and price. Nowadays, people expect companies to be competitive and innovative towards sustainability.
If you are not ahead of the game in the sustainability movement, you are not going to be a partner and you are not going to have success. Moreover, if we focus on sustainability, it becomes a priority and the fulcrum of the company. Pelliconi started this process years ago as direction of growth and development, so today it became integral part of every single aspect inside and outside our establishments: from the production process to the marketing choices, from the commercial attitude to the most peculiar features of life at Pelliconi. 

Being more sustainable is often costly, so would you say that greater sustainability leads to negative business performance?
No, I would say the opposite. When we started our sustainability project, we said that this was not a margin-generating project. If we do generate a margin, we feed it back into the company. It does not go into the company profitability, it does not get absorbed by another budget but it is given back and we can do something else with it. I also remember saying “I bet that if you focus on sustainability, you will actually generate margin and you will have more money to spend”, and within a short period of time that was the case. We can say that’s an important part of the investments that guide Pelliconi’s constant development. 

How is Pelliconi helping the environment?
Simply by reducing the amount of waste in every area of the business. Some easier than others. We have stopped buying plastic utensils, cups and plates and started using only metal cutlery.
Our plastic department has also achieved great goals. We have already halved our landfill waste inside 6 months. So from 6 months of having genuine focus on sustainability we have cut in half the amount of landfill waste we were producing and it is now down to 8lb a year. And let me say: we are very proud of that!

What are your most important sustainability measures right now?
We initially focused on reducing the landfill waste, which we made a lot of progress on. Then the secondary step has been using post-consumer recycled (PCR) material back into our supply chain.
We are trying our best to produce as less waste as possbile. Of course, it looks good to say that you are able to recycle everything you produce, but if you are producing tons and tons of material, which goes into the recycling stream, it is not always environmentally friendly. We first need to focus on reducing the amount of waste we produce and then make sure that all that waste is recycled. 

What is the end goal of this sustainable project?
I think, realistically, getting to 50% use of PCR in our caps within 3 years would be a great achievement. The obvious goal is to use 100% PCR in our products but it’s definitely less realistic. 

What are your big challenges within the next couple of years?
Availability of PCR and how suitable it is for our products. That is a big question mark at the moment. We have the desire to do it, the material is available and it is definitely more expensive but I do not see the expense part as stumbling. Any forward thinking company would say “let’s not worry about the price too much, let’s worry about being innovative and sustainable” because even if the costs may seem high, the advantages that sustainability brings to the company are far superior.
In any case, we are very excited to see what these choices will mean for the future.
Central European Craft Brewers Conference 2019//
Join us at the Central European Craft Brewers Conference 2019 in the beautiful Budapest on January 24th and 25th. This event is a great opportunity for craft breweries, beer experts, suppliers and distributors to network and learn more about the industry. We invite you to attend the interesting seminars, brewery tours and the many social events like the European Craft Beer Cup (the first Craft Beer Competition). Visit us at booth 19.
ProPak Philippines 2019//
ProPak is back! Pelliconi flies to the Philippines. ProPak Philippines is the first exhibition of its kind that will take place in Manila from January 24th through January 26th. Sponsored by the famous ProPak Asia, the new international processing and packaging trade show brings together more than 280 exhibitors from 28 different countries. They will showcase all the new technologies, machineries and innovations related to the packaging and processing industry. Pelliconi: ICE Pavillon, Stand D22.
A Pelliconi Florida Experience//
Pelliconi believes in innovation and new opportunities as effective solutions for a better future. Is there any better way to do it than investing on young and bright new professionals? We want to share the experience of one of them: Margherita, 23, recently graduated from Truman State University (Missouri) with an International Business and Management degree, and last October she joined Pelliconi Florida as a Sales and Marketing Intern. We asked her how her internship is going. 

“Born and raised in Bologna (Italy), I had the opportunity to follow Pelliconi’s growth from the outside and see the many initiatives the company took part to throughout the years. Thus, to think that I am now part of this innovative company makes me very honored.
From day one, I’ve noticed the friendliness of all the employees but also the fast-paced environment that characterize Pelliconi. On my first week, I already had projects to create and presentations to make: it was great! I had the chance to go “behind the scenes” where crowns and plastic caps are made and to understand all the different steps required to make the final product. Working at Pelliconi is definitely a very challenging and, at the same time, satisfying experience: every day is different and every task stimulates you to give 110%. 
Now that I’ve been at Pelliconi for a few months, I can certainly say that what I enjoy the most about this job is the ability to travel to all the breweries and events. I’ve always been what you can call a “wanderlust soul”; hence, I’ve loved travelling and meeting new people for as long as I can remember. However, my job allows me to do so much more than that.
Travelling with Pelliconi gives me the possibility to connect and discuss with people who have the same job as I do, but come from different backgrounds and have various experiences. Getting to know all these professionals allows me to come up with new ideas and gain remarkably valuable knowledge that will help me throughout my career. 
Lastly, I have to admit that I’m extremely excited to be able to witness the progress made by Pelliconi from within, and I can’t wait to see the impact that these changes will have on the world and its environment. The future is much brighter now!”
Transatlantic Award Gala Dinner 2018//
Yesterday evening, Pelliconi had the great honor to be one of the Diamond Sponsor of the Transatlantic Award Gala Dinner 2018 in Milan. This exclusive event was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy to celebrate the commercial relationship between Europe and the United States of America finalized to the mutual growth of our economies. This was an important event in such a delicate moment for this trade channel.
Mascagni Award 2018//
What a night! On November 9th 2018, Pelliconi won the seventh edition of the Mascagni Award. This great accomplishment happily took everyone by surprise and made Pelliconi even prouder of their products and people.
The company would like to thank, from the bottom of the heart, Unindustria Bologna, Il Resto del Carlino but especially every single person who helps Pelliconi become the better version of itself every day.
BrauBeviale 2018//
Welcome to BrauBeviale 2018! BrauBeviale is one of the world’s most important capital goods exhibition for the beverage industry based in Nuremberg. From November 13th to November 15th join the revolution and meet Flower, the brand new closure invented by Pelliconi to make eveything smoother.
The Cans of the Year Awards 2018//
Yesterday night was full of great achievements for Pelliconi at The Cans of the Year Awards 2018, the event that rewards the world’s finest metal packaging. The company received two important awards for two of our most innovative products: the Maxi P-26 (Silver) and our new Sopure PCV-Free (Gold). This exclusive event was organized by The Canmaker magazine.
“Angelo Pelliconi” Auditorium's inauguration//
The tune is changing! Pelliconi, in collaboration with Ozzano dell’Emilia, Ozzano dell’Emilia’s Music Centre and the “Villa Meccaferri” organization, is pleased to invite you to the inauguration of “Angelo Pelliconi” Auditorium. The event will takes place on September 22nd in Gramsci Center, Villa Maccaferri - Corso Garibaldi, 2.
Carlsberg Zero02//
Corporate Social Responsibility is a very relevant matter that Pelliconi embraces to its fullest. Today, in Copenhagen, GM Pierluigi Garuti presented the new technology of Carlsberg Zero02 patented by Pelliconi. This cap is able to absorb part of the oxygen contained in the bottle, which automatically translates to fresher and longer-lasting beer. This is one of the numerous steps in Carlsberg’s program of sustainable innovation. 
Pelliconi Award: a scolarship on the impact of industry 4.0//
The Leonardo Committee - Italian Quality Committee - has decided to set up a graduation award for a study on “The impact of industry 4.0 on the managing aspects of the company” sponsored by Pelliconi. The candidate will have to redesign the company’s organization in light of this industrial revolution. Read more here. (This article is available only in Italian)
13/16 June - ProPak Asia 2018//
ProPak is one of the most important international events on Processing and Packaging Technologies and it’s definitely the N°1 for Asia. Going from strength to strength every year, ProPak Asia has a proven track record over 25 years of delivering the highest quality and quantity trade buyers, the greatest number and selection of international suppliers, and the best showcase of latest technology and innovations. This 26th edition will take place in Bangkok, Thailand where Pelliconi will be one of the main suppliers: the Italian company is ready to show all its products and services to the Food&Beverage industries from all over the world. The entire showcase will be displayed at Hall 105, Booth CC10. To discover all about ProPak Asia, click here.
17/20 May - Mondial de La Bière in São Paulo.//
Pelliconi is proud to announce its presence at the prestigious Mondial de La Bière in São Paulo (Brazil), an attractive and International Festival that involves visitors and professionals at the same time. It will be a unique opportunity to meet partners and clients from all over the world, but also to deepen on an evolving market such as the beers one. Pelliconi will present the entire asset of products and services dedicated to industrial and craft breweries. Visit Pelliconi at booth D09, click here to discover more.
Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America 2018//
The Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America is the best place for beer lovers to meet new people, talk about beer and find out what’s new in the brewing industry. This is why Pelliconi can’t miss this crucial event!
This week, Pelliconi Florida sales team and Marco Checchi, Pelliconi’s CEO, will go to Nashville (TN) to present new projects and ideas to the American market.
30 April / 3 May - Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America®//
The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) is the only industry event that serves both brewpubs and packaging breweries. This is an annual show that travels to different cities each year and the 2018 edition will take place in Nashville, Tennesee. For professional brewers, CBC is the number one environment in North America for concentrated, affordable brewing education and idea sharing to improve brewery quality and performance. The conference is also a great social event with thousands of brewing industry professionals enjoying craft brews together. Pelliconi and CEO Marco Checchi will attend the show from April 30 to May 3, Hall A - Booth 813. Click here to learn more about CBC.
Pelliconi supports cancer research with AIRC.//
The final project, winner of Pelliconi’s research scholarship in collaboration with AIRC - Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro, was presented today at Pelliconi's Headquarter. The winner is young and talented: born in 1990, Dr. Elisabetta Puliga graduated in Biology, with a master's degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology; then she received a PhD in Molecular and Translational Medicine at the Pittsburgh University (USA). Thanks to this scholarship Elisabetta entered the research group of Dott.ssa Silvia Giordano at IRCC, near by Turin, one of the most prestigious cancer research centers in Italy. Today, Dr. Puliga explained the goals of her research on gastric cancer to Marco Checchi (CEO of Pelliconi), involving the audience and meeting all the employees of the company. It has been a nice chance to meet and know each other.
CCBA Group Management Meeting 2018//
Last week Pelliconi flew to Maputo (Mozambique) for the CCBA Group Management Meeting. Pelliconi and other major international suppliers had the pleasure to be invited by Coca-Cola to this exciting event. Andrew Smith (Head of Sales), Mutlu Salici (Account Manager) and Matteo Mingardi (Innovation Manager) took the chance to introduce the most innovative products, such as DAPP (Pelliconi’s new digital platform) and the new Smart Maxi P cap, to the audience.
Sustainability Report 2017//
Pelliconi doesn’t only focus on its products’ innovation. The company is always looking for new ways to improve its business, to help and protect the environment. Discover the reached goals of 2017 and how Pelliconi made it by reading the new Sustainability Report.
17/20 February - Beer Attraction & BBTech expo Food Attraction//
Pelliconi will participate in the fourth edition of Beer Attraction, the most important exhibition in Italy dedicated to craft beers. The Italian world's leading manufacturer of crown caps will be protagonist of the BBTECH EXPO, an entire pavilion of the fair dedicated to the technologies for beers and beverages. Thank to it, Beer Attraction becomes a unique event for all the professionals of this sector, from the craft breweres to the marketing executives, covering the needs of all the supply chain. Pelliconi: Hall A5, Booth 156. Find out all the details here.
Craft Brewers Conference, Philadelphia May 3-6, Booth 1248//
We will take part to Craft Brewers Conference on May 3-6 in Philadelphia. We look forward to seeing you, visit us at our Booth 1248
Beer Attraction 2016: 20-23 February, Rimini (Italy)//
We will take part to the second edition of Beer Attraction, a great Italian exhibition dedicated to the Craft Beers world.

What is Craft Beer? Visit us at hall A7, stand 156.
BrauBeviale 2015: 10 - 12 November, Nürnberg (Germany) //
From 10 to 12 November we will be in Germany, in Nürnberg to attend the most important exhibition for the whole beverage production process chain: the BrauBeviale.

Visit us at Hall 4, stand 4-225 to introduce you all our news.
Marco Checchi. “The Euro made our life easier”//
On behalf of the Fondazione Nord Est, the magazine “L’Espresso” reported in an article several opinions of important managers belonging to the North-East Italian geographical area about the exit from the Euro to promote export.

These are the words of our CEO Marco Checchi: “The Euro has made our life easier starting with the organizational aspects related to price lists on different markets. An example? When in Amsterdam we closed an agreement with the Heineken Group, one of our major customers, we fixed a price in Nederlandse Gulden. Then, in Bologna, our sales department had to transform it in Franc, Peseta, Deutsche Mark. Being long-term agreements we had to pay attention to the exchange rate fluctuations. And then, there were discussions with the various branch managers. In the end, it was a continuous complication”.