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Cans of the Year Awards 2021: Pelliconi won the Gold Medal!
The Canmaker, reference magazine in the metal packaging sector, awarded Pelliconi’s Digital Printing Technlogy P•ink with the Gold Medal of the "Cans of the Year Awards 2021” in the category Ends, Caps & Closures!

P•ink is Pelliconi’s innovative digital printing service that enables customers to configure their crown corks’ designs and place an order directly online. On P•ink’s e-commerce customers can customize their caps and labels with high level of personalization and also in small batches; there’s no limit to creativity!
During the assessment the following items were considered: innovation, production quality, technological enhancements, decoration and printing quality, and added value features. P•ink has been appreciated for the “flexibility of the design” model calling this a “particularly good entry” and saying the tactile texture of the print gave a “premium feel”.

As Matteo Mingardi, Pelliconi Corporate Innovation & RD Manager, said “this represents a big achievement that should make all people who work in Pelliconi proud of what we did in the last 2 years to make this innovation reliable and appreciated today by more than 130 customers all over the world. A big appreciation and thanks to our colleagues from all departments who helped us during the development and launch of the new service, but also thanks in advance to everyone for the support to boost the business of P•ink all around the world.” 

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