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Aluminium ROPP caps 28x15

The 28x15 ROPP caps, single-use, Aluminium screw caps for plastic (PET) and glass bottles guarantee excellent airtightness for a wide range of beverages, still or sparkling. They are compatible with sterilization, pasteurization and hot-filling processes.
ROPP caps 28x15 / Liner PVC-Free
Available in Aluminium, they can be decorated externally and/or internally.
PVC-Free solid liners.
Available with tamper-evident band for returnable bottles.
Available with a specific liner for mineral water.
Suitable for pasteurization.

ROPP 28x15 / Liner PVC-Free

The 28x15 ROPP screw cap is a «roll-on pilfer proof» cap provided with a warranty band and pvc-plastic foam/expansive gasket. This aluminium cap can be requested with split-band or drop warranty bands. It is suitable for glass or PET bottles with necks type MCA1, MCA2, MCA3, MCA7.5R, MCA7.5RF or equivalent. This type of closure is organoleptically neutral and ideal for beverages such as water, beer, wine, soft drinks and energy drinks. The ROPP caps are guaranteed by rigorous quality controls and are made with raw materials complying with the international standards for materials in contact with food.