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A Food&Beverage company changes its way the way to work thanks to an Intrapreneurship project - EconomyUp
"The latest intrapreneurship project launched by Pelliconi is an example of how to involve people in a path of innovation and continuous growth." This is how EconomyUp comments on “liberaMENTE la tua idea…", the company's most recent initiative featuring Pelliconi’s employees on a journey to create the future of our company. Read the full article here (Italian Only).
Reuters - Analysis: Energy crisis tests resilience of Italian businesses
Italian media had only just begun talking about the threat of winter gas rationing when Marco Checchi sprung into action to ensure bottle top maker Pelliconi would continue to supply customers all around the world. Read the full article here (only available in English).
Pelliconi is “On Air” on #FAREInsieme, the new podcast of Confindustria Emilia Area Centro: the history of the company and the people who made it, told by the voice of CEO Marco Checchi. Listen to the podcast now (available in Italian only).
Il Centro - Marco Checchi awarded the honor "Al Merito del Lavoro"
Marco Checchi, CEO of Pelliconi, still keeps his first bottle cap produced in the world's leading factory for the production of crown caps which earned him the honor of Cavaliere del Lavoro, delivered to him on October 26th in Rome in a ceremony at the Quirinale Palace. Read more here (article available only in Italian).
Osservatori Digital Innovation - Startup Intelligence
The Corporate Innovation & R&D Manager Matteo Mingardi opens the doors of Pelliconi’s Innovation Office during Startup Intelligence, an initiative of Osservatori Digital Innovation of  Politecnico di Milano. Click here to listen to the complete interview.
Fondazione Sant'Orsola: three new entries
The Fondazione Sant'Orsola family expands and welcomes three new important Bolognese realities such as Comet, Pelliconi and Sira Group. Read the full article in the attachment (only available in Italian).
FARE News - Pelliconi relaunches in China
Five years later the inauguration of Suzhou Headquarter, Pelliconi signs the deal to invest in a new production plant in China. Read more, here (this article is available in Italian only).
Capital - Along the Packaging Valley
MA, Marchesini, Robopack, Pelliconi and not only. Let's discover one of the most winning Italian districts in the world. Read the complete article in the attachment.
ItaliaImbalalggio - Digital printed caps: the new frontier of customization
Pelliconi is ready to produce a new digital printing service on the market, which allows the creation of customized caps even in little batches. It will allow to accept small orders from any client, from local craft breweries to big industries with special customization needs. Click here to read the full article.
Pack-Media - Pelliconi presents digital printing in the world of caps
Packaging customization is a widespread trend with a sure impact for brands and consumers: today it makes its entry in the world of packaging closures. Pelliconi is the protagonist of this turning point introducing digital printing technology on metal surface: click here to read the full article.
Ansa - 'Memories of Alba' by Martignoni wins the Pelliconi Award at Visioni Italiane
Andrea Martignoni, born in Bologna and now living in Berlin, co-author with his wife Maria Steinmetz of the animated film 'Memories of Alba', was awarded the Pelliconi Award for Best Film at the 26th edition of Visioni Italiane. Read the full article here (available only in Italian).
ItaliaImbalalggio - "SoPure: safe for mothers, respectful for the environment”
That's how ItaliaImballaggio, a magazine by Pack-Media, titled the new article on Pelliconi's PVC-Free capsule dedicated to the world of baby food and beyond. Read the full article click here (this article is available in Italian only).
Forbes Italia - Cenacolo Artom hosts CEO Marco Cecchi
Pelliconi's CEO Marco Checchi is guest at Il Cenacolo on Forbes Italia. The talk show, created by the entrepreneur Arturo Artom, has been hosting leaders from different sectors for years, telling a successful experience from the business and management world in 24 minutes. Watch the complete interview, click here.
TRC Bologna -Pelliconi is told in the words of its protagonists
Pelliconi shares its story on TRC Bologna: past, present and future of Pelliconi in a few intense minutes of interview. General Director Pierluigi Garuti and Annabella Cusati, Product Manager, answer the questions by Veronique Blasi on TRC and channel 518 of Sky. Click on the link to watch the complete interview. 

Economy Up - Co-creation as focal point of Pelliconi's innovation
Pelliconi innovates everyday inside the company, for our clients and our stakeholders. Matteo Mingardi and Silvia Salvadori, Innovation Managers, contributed to the roundtable “Co-creation & Customer Engagement” by Osservatorio Startup Intelligence at Politecnico si Milano University. Click here to read the full article on EconomyUp.
Confindustria Emilia - Romano Casalboni: "Nobady is an island"
Romano Casalboni, Pelliconi Production Director of Ozzano's plant, explains to Confindustria Emilia all the details of this new working phase, projected to protect everyone's health and job during this much delicate moment. Discover how it has been made reading the complete interview, click here (this article is available in Italian only).
Il Sole 24 Ore - Pelliconi: Italian closures travel the world
There's a small part of the bottle of beer we're drinking that we may never consider how important it is, because it's usually the first one to be trashed or recycled. Continue the reading, click here (this article is available in Italian only).
Il Resto del Carlino - Two million euros against the virus from local companies
The very first have been BCC Felsinea, Emil Banca, Marchesini Group and Macron. And right after Banca di Bologna, Pelliconi, MEC, Italbitumi arrived. Big companies have been followed by smaller ones one after the other. That's how 103 Bologna's companies contributed to the "Più forti insieme" project ("Stronger together") which reached almost two million euros to support local hospitals on the fight against Coronavirus. Read the complete article, here (Italian only).
AIL Bologna - Also Pelliconi sosupports AIL Bologna
"We believe in the social role of companies. A company gets better when its human resources improve and it's easier to grow in a progressing community. This is why companies, after public institutions, must actively intervene for the evolution of civil society." Click here to read the complete interview to Marco Checchi, CEO of Pelliconi (this article is available in Italian only).
Il Resto del Carlino - A new van for disabled people thanks to local companies
A chain of solidarity has been started from Ozzano's companies that, thanks to their donations, enabled the Municipality to purchase a new Ford Custom for the transportation of disabled people. Read the complete article, here (Italian only).
EFA News - Pelliconi looks beyond the emergency
Pelliconi’s approach in this new business era: GM Pierluigi Garuti explains it to EFA News in this exclusive interview. Read it all, here (this article is available in Italian only).
Il Resto del Carlino - Pelliconi never stopped
Pelliconi didn't stop: «We full time worked because we are part of the main food supply chain. But the drop of sales of our Chinese production plant will have a negative effect», Marco Checchi says, CEO of the company that produces 32 billion of caps every year. Click here below to read more.
Il Resto del Carlino - The new workplace: "Separated desks and isolated lunch breaks"
Marchesini, Pelliconi and Mg2 didn't stop: "Anti-gatherings alarms against the spread of the virus". For many companies 'fase 2" already started. Keep on reading, click here (this article is available in Italian only).
Il Resto del Carlino - Pelliconi, 10K euros
The company donated to the Municipality of Ozzano dell'Emilia. Read more, click here.
ItaliaOggi - Many want to reopen, soon.
The situation is getting pressing. The Productive Northeast doesn't want to wait till May. Companies are trying to reopen the production lines and thus guarantee security. You can't just stay closed and watch the competition steal your market. Keep reading the article on Italia today.it here (Italian only).
Il Resto del Carlino - Coronavirus: the companies “we’ll reopen after Easter”
It is the last call from the firms in the most productive areas of the country, that are asking the government to give the authorization to reboot all industrial activities, with all the necessary precautions. To read the full article click here.
Il Resto del Carlino - Millionaire contract despite coronavirus
Checchi, CEO of Pelliconi, the titan of closures: "We just closed a deal with Dr Pepper, giant of soft drinks. We are starting again well in China."
Sky TG24 - Coronavirus, Italian factory among the first to reopen
Watch the report news on Sky TG24, click here (Italian only).
Il Corriere della Sera - Pelliconi passes Chinese controls and restarts its production in Suzhou.
Pelliconi Chinese production plant in Suzhou reopens. The company from Ozzano (Bologna), that produces 30 billion of caps a year and worldwide leader of crown corks, had to close for 8 days due to Coronavirus alarm. Read the complete article here (Italian only).
Il Resto del Carlino - Pelliconi, eighty years of crown corks
An eighty-years-long story: it's the Pelliconi's one, the famous company from Ozzano yesterday night had its celebrations for this amazing birthday. Click here to read more (this article is available in Italian only).
Morning Future - Made in Italy success goes through international agreements and technology.
Protecting Italian products is fundamental, especially in times of global market and international duties. Marco Checchi talked about it during Linkiesta Festival and in the digital pages of Morning Future, the online magazine of The Adecco Group. Click here (this article is available in Italian only).
Il Centro - Students compete for recycling.
Freshmen and sophmores of Ciampoli-Spaventa Highschool starred in the Green Games, a new format of itinerant events about the correct way to separate the waste to recycle. The students challenged themself under the supervision of some experts of the Consorzio Ricrea Acciaio (the association for the recycling of steel), including Luigi Staniscia, head engineer of Pelliconi's technical area in Atessa. Read more in the online pages of Il Centro (this article is available in Italian only).
Linkiesta.it - Checchi: "Made in Italy alone is not enough".
Business focus: "Made in Italy alone is not enough" said CEO Marco Checchi during the last Linkiesta.it Festival. News, media and innovation were the main topics on the stage of Linkiesta Festival during these days of great jounalism at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan. Read the complete interview on linkiesta.it (this article is available in Italian only).
Il Resto del Carlino - Checchi: USA, let's grow even more.
Growth, market, customs duties, weather: Marco Checchi comments Pelliconi Florida’s challenges in the pages of Il Resto del Carlino (this article is available in Italian only).
Harvard Business Review Italia - From crown caps to augmented reality.
"Typing the words "crown cap" on Wikipedia, you will find references to the Pelliconi Group. How this worldwide identification between product and company happened?" Marco Checchi answers to this and much more in the beautiful interview by Pietro Varvello: click here for more (this article is available in Italian only).
EconomyUp - Pelliconi, how a big company innovated using a startup method.
The Startup Intelligence Observatory has analyzed the Flower Cap case: the innovation process of the crown cap, a product that never changed in 100 years. To do so, the company has adopted a set of methodologies used by startups to develop sustainable businesses in contexts of uncertainty: the Lean Startup method. Click here to read the full article. (The article is available only in Italian).
Rai3 FuoriTg - Italy in China.
FuoriTg talks about "Italy in China", including the productions of goods of excellence and the Italian business network in one of the most productive areas in the world. Lorenzo Bali, Deputy General Manager of Pelliconi, answered the questions by Tg3: listen to him here. (This video is available only in Italian)
affaritaliani.it - Marco Checchi: Intangible assets improve corporate sustainability.
During the 94th Analysis Report of the Industrial Sectors, Pelliconi CEO Marco Checchi explains the importance of intangible investments for the company to affaritaliani.it. "Intangible assets are fundamental for our company to optimize the production process and at the same time improve the corporate sustainability”. Listen to the full interview by clicking on this link. (The interview is available only in Italian)
ANSA.it - Pelliconi's 4.0 caps think about the stock market.
Pelliconi, world leader in the production of caps for bevarage, looks towards the listing on the Stock Exchange. "We are thinking about it and it is a possible path, but it's something that has to be done at the right time, both for the company and for the markets. Now it's not for one nor the other”. These are the words of Marco Checchi, CEO of Pelliconi. Click here to read the full article by ANSA.it. (This article is available only in Italian)
Raise the Bar - Looking for closure.
On Raise the Bar, a magazine by beer52.com, they wrote about how Angelo Pelliconi’s wartime ingenuity spawned one of the world’s leading bottlecap suppliers.
Il Centro - Atessa, the caps factory rewards workers.
“Pelliconi seems to go against the grain investing on those who make the company big in the world: its employees". In these days, at the Atessa’s branch, Pelliconi takes a great step foward, renewing the company integration contract. Read the full article by “Il Centro" on this link. (The article is available only in Italian)
Euwid Magazine - Pelliconi continues to drive internationalization in India
A deep and complete analysis of Pelliconi’s latest growing business, in the pages of German magazine Euwid - Verpackung.
Brewing and Beverage Industry International: focus on Smart Crown.
SABMiller, one of the world's largest brewer, has chosen our cork Smart Crown. The reason why is explained in this article published on the magazine “Brewing and Beverage Industry International” in November 2015.