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SOPURE® 51 mm twist-off jar lids for baby food

SOPURE® represents an important innovation which, for the first time, eliminates PVC from glass jars for baby food. This type of liner satisfies the needs of many manufacturers, vendors and consumers who have requested the elimination of PVC with plasticizing additives from the capsules used for the packaging of long-life foods.


PVC is an excellent seal, but it contains plasticizing additives that can contaminate the food product, above all in the presence of foods that contain fats like meat and fish preservatives, cheese and other dairy products. In collaboration with Actega, Pelliconi has introduced a new PVC-free product which is totally devoid of plasticizing additives and therefore able to reduce the migrations into food. In addition, SOPURE® can be considered a perfect example of environmentally friendly packaging as its new distinguishing liner allows a much easier recycling process and facilitates the choice of the type of disposal to which it is destinated, making it also suitable for incineration.

Results for Closure Ø = 51 mm and Glass V = 80 ml (D2 stimulan)
Test carried out by accredited laboratory
SOPURE® 51mm PVC-free jar lids for baby food
Ø 51 mm press-on twist-off.
Liner: BPA-NI, ESBO free without PVC or plasticizers.
Suitable for hot filling, followed by pasteurization or sterilization processes.
Suitable for UHT sterilizing of baby food and a wide range of food and sauces.
Does not introduce potentially harmful PVC into the waste/recycling stream.