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Crown Corks

26 mm Crown Caps

Pelliconi crown bottle caps represent the ideal solution for closing glass, plastic and aluminium bottles containing any type of beverage (water, beer, wine or soft drinks).
Available for both pry-off and twist-off opening, these bottle crowns are made with a vast range of materials to fulfill any requirement, inclusing the application on beverages requiring sterilization. The crown botte caps can be customized both externally and internally with logos applied through lithographic printing and are also available in promotional version to manage competitions with ink-jet printed univocal alphanumeric codes or laser-printed alphanumeric-graphic ones.

26 mm - The Crown Cork

26 mm crown caps in steel guarantee the best seal. These closures are organoleptically neutral and consequently suitable for any type of beverage, both still and sparkling (water, beer, soft and energy drinks, dairy products). Suitable for any type of requirement, they can be made in a vast range of materials and are compatible with sterilization processes. They can be decorated both internally and externally with offset printing and used for competitions and promotions. Available in the “Soft Touch” twist version, characterised by a higher number of corrugations on the shell, that make the cap comfortable when in contact with the consumer’s fingers during the opening procedure.

26 mm - Smart Crown

Smart Crown is the crown cork that is produced in steel with a thickness of only 0.18 mm maintaining all the characteristics and performance of standard crown caps present on the market, with which they are a 100% compatible. By significantly decreasing the quantity of steel used, Pelliconi has managed to considerably reduce the environmental impact of the production process compared to that of standard crown corks: -15% of CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption during production and a higher degree of optimisation of packaging and logistics.
Like the standard crown cork, Pelliconi Smart Crown can be customized by printing logos internally and/or externally and can also become a promotional cap. The reduced environmental impact and the full interchangeability with standard crown corks make the Samrt Crown a "green" cap and a friend of the environment.
The Crown Cork Smart Crown
Available in Tinplate (ETP) and Chromium Plate (TFS/ECCS). Designed to be able to replace standard crown corks with a lighter and cheaper version.
PVC and PVC-free liners, in various colours. The same performance, the same possibility of offset printing decorations.
Available as Pry-off, Twist and Twist Soft Touch. Reduction of metal thickness: 0.18 mm.
Available with Oxygen Absorbing liners to protect beverages sensitive to oxidation. Lower environmental impact (reduction of the consumption of raw materials and of CO2 emissions).
Available with Oxygen Barrier liners to prevent contamination by environmental micro-pollutants. Suitable for competitions with internal printing, laser or inkjet.
Available with a complete range of liner profiles (pry-off 916-923, Twist 912-917).
Available in the “Embossed” version with a three-dimensional embossed printed surface.  
Available for digital printing in very small quantities.
Customize crown corks and labels with P•INK, the new digital printing service