Innovation is where we craft the future: here we create new solutions for the food&beverage industry, and here we support our customers with ideas and research and development (R&D) projects.
About Us
In 2017 Pelliconi created an internal Innovation Department: an interdisciplinary team to respond to specific customers’ requests and anticipate market needs by developing new projects. Thanks to in-depth expertise, many partnerships and a cutting-edge laboratory, the team is able to quickly prototype, test and validate ideas. Thanks to such synergies, new products, processes, and services have been developed throughout the years. In 2019 the Team has opened a Satellite Branch in China. To date, the Innovation and R&D department employs 10 people.
Pelliconi has more than 80 years of experience in metal and plastic industrial processing and in the production and capping processes in the packaging sector. These competences are merged with modern and digital matters: project development from idea to go-to-market, mechanical, chemical and process engineering expertise, product and business design, innovation management approaches. All this takes place within an ecosystem of partners (suppliers, research centres, engineering companies, start-ups, universities) to access specific, cutting-edge expertise.
Innovation is a factor enabled by the coexistence of different elements: people, culture, and method combined with the potential of new products, processes and business models.
For Pelliconi, innovation means having a well-structured process that has been consolidated over years of activity, thanks to the use of different methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Open Innovation and Agile Development. Being open to external ecosystems and having a strong focus on Execution are the distinctive elements of Pelliconi's approach to innovation.
How we do it
Our development process, either for product or service creation, is designed to be able to progressively evaluate, test and validate initiatives step by step, monitoring deviations from the set objectives.
It can originate from different sources: internal, external or through customers’ requests.
Concept development has a fast-prototyping approach, thanks to which we can physically assess the product/service feasibility and whether it meets market needs, as well as technical and pricing requirements. At this stage, the product/service is referred to as POC (Proof of Concept).
The development of a functional prototype that replicates the desired distinctive features of the product/service to be introduced on the market but realised with laboratory equipment. At this stage, the product/service is defined as MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
Industrial setup
The process to make the product/service available on a large scale, which may include setting up an industrial production line
The product/service is ready to be sold on a global scale by officially accessing Pelliconi's product portfolio.
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