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Sustainable closures: innovative solutions for eco-friendly packaging

The importance of responsible packaging

Sustainability is now an urgent priority for brands and customers. Nowadays, it is not only the quality of a product that pushes consumers to buy it; more and more people are worrying about how the item was produced and whether the company is harming the environment. In fact, studies show that sustainability is a factor that drives customers' purchasing decisions. Recent IBM research revealed that nearly six out of ten consumers are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce their environmental impact, and nearly eight out of ten assert that sustainability is important to them.
For this reason, now more than ever, it is essential that companies implement their sustainable strategy by taking concrete actions to reduce their environmental impact.

Pelliconi's commitment to sustainable closures

For companies like Pelliconi, choosing to research and implement more sustainable materials and processes within their products is certainly an important step. Sustainable packaging is the new green frontier, a beneficial, safe and healthy solution for the planet and its inhabitants.

The famous eco-friendly principle "reduce, reuse and recycle" is always a great help to us, both in our homes and in our workplace. This mantra must be kept in mind when we carry out small daily tasks and also during the development of large projects and new technologies.
By following these three simple words we can truly improve the future of this planet and the generations to come.

Pelliconi has already designed various sustainable closures such as SOPURE, our 51 mm capsule which for the first time allows the elimination of PVC from baby food packages in glass containers. SOPURE can also be considered a perfect example of environmentally friendly packaging as the new liner that distinguishes it makes it easier to recycle it, facilitating the choice of the type of disposal for which to send it, making it also suitable for incineration. 

Another example of sustainable packaging is the 26 mm Smart Crown, produced with steel just 0.18 mm thick while maintaining all the characteristics and performances of standard caps on the market. By significantly reducing the amount of steel used, Pelliconi has managed to considerably lower the environmental impact of the production process compared to standard caps: -15% CO2 emissions, lower energy consumption during production and greater optimization of packaging and logistics.

These are just two concrete examples of the sustainable R&D that Pelliconi carries out every day.
We are continuously looking for new solutions to improve the experience of stakeholders and customers, always keeping in mind the values of the company and the needs of the market. We want to combine sustainability and quality to guarantee the best products and services.
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