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Crown Corks

Crown Corks 29 mm

The 29 mm single-use crown caps, in steel and aluminium for glass bottles, guarantee the maximum pressure seal and airtightness for a vast range of beverages, both sparkling and still. They are available with special liners compatible with the vinification and fermentation process of Champagne.
These closures are organoleptically neutral and consequently suitable for water, beer, wine, soft drinks and energy drinks. They can also be decorated both internally and externally with offset colour printing, according to the customer's specific requirements, and versions for competitions and promotions are also available. The 29 mm crown bottle caps in steel and aluminium respect the strict quality standards and are produced with raw materials in conformity with the most stringent international regulations for materials in contact with food. They are also compatible with the most common pasteurization and hot-filling processes.
Crown Corks 29 mm
Available in steel - FERYL line (Tinplate) and aluminium - INOXAL line.
Suitable for fermentation in champagne bottles undergoing the Champenoise method.
The available liners have differences in permeability that allow a better control of the ageing process in accordance with the type of wine and with the volume of the bottle.
MERCURE / SATURNE / NEPTUNE, PVC-Free liner (profile P103) with a physical barrier (oxygen and volatile substances) with an enhanced profile and perfectly compatible with the Obturateur DAP.
PL, polyethylene liner with excellent organoleptic properties. It eliminates the need for the Obturateur DAP during the aging of sparkling wines according to the “Méthode Traditionelle” by presenting/adding a small container for the wine lees that becomes one part with the liner.
Available for digital printing in very small quantities.
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29 mm - Crown Cork P103

crown corks
The PVC-Free liner is used combined with the "Obturateur Dap" (also known as Bidule) for winemaking with "Metodo Classico" or “Méthode Traditionnelle”, or with a profiled liner aimed at all types of sparkling wine. Used for the second fermentation in the bottle, it is then replaced by the mushroom cork for being placed on the market.
The "Obturateur Dap", also known as Bidule, is a PE insert suitable for the 29 mm finish of the Champenoise and Classico method bottles with an internal volume of ½ , 1 and 2 litres, in accordance with regulations AFNOR NF H 35-022 NF e H35-029.

29 mm - Crown Cork Opercule

The 29 mm Opercule cork has the same function as the 29mm profile P103 cork that is used together with the Obturateur DAP (or Bidule), and represents an alternative made in one piece: in fact it has a small container for the wine lees that becomes one part with the liner, making the Obturateur DAP (or Bidule) redundant. It is perfect champagne crown cap for wine-making according to the Méthode Traditionnelle. Furthermore the polyethylene (PL) cap liner has excellent organoleptic properties.