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A Pelliconi Florida Experience
Pelliconi believes in innovation and new opportunities as effective solutions for a better future. Is there any better way to do it than investing on young and bright new professionals? We want to share the experience of one of them: Margherita, 23, recently graduated from Truman State University (Missouri) with an International Business and Management degree, and last October she joined Pelliconi Florida as a Sales and Marketing Intern. We asked her how her internship is going. 

“Born and raised in Bologna (Italy), I had the opportunity to follow Pelliconi’s growth from the outside and see the many initiatives the company took part to throughout the years. Thus, to think that I am now part of this innovative company makes me very honored.
From day one, I’ve noticed the friendliness of all the employees but also the fast-paced environment that characterize Pelliconi. On my first week, I already had projects to create and presentations to make: it was great! I had the chance to go “behind the scenes” where crowns and plastic caps are made and to understand all the different steps required to make the final product. Working at Pelliconi is definitely a very challenging and, at the same time, satisfying experience: every day is different and every task stimulates you to give 110%. 
Now that I’ve been at Pelliconi for a few months, I can certainly say that what I enjoy the most about this job is the ability to travel to all the breweries and events. I’ve always been what you can call a “wanderlust soul”; hence, I’ve loved travelling and meeting new people for as long as I can remember. However, my job allows me to do so much more than that.
Travelling with Pelliconi gives me the possibility to connect and discuss with people who have the same job as I do, but come from different backgrounds and have various experiences. Getting to know all these professionals allows me to come up with new ideas and gain remarkably valuable knowledge that will help me throughout my career. 
Lastly, I have to admit that I’m extremely excited to be able to witness the progress made by Pelliconi from within, and I can’t wait to see the impact that these changes will have on the world and its environment. The future is much brighter now!”
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