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the perfect cap for every bottle.
The Pelliconi crowns corks represent the ideal solution to close glass, plastic and Aluminium bottles containing every type of beverage (water, beer, wine or soft drinks). They are available both in the traditional pry-off or twist-off versions. They can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials for special functions (like for example, the use of the liner to absorb oxygen or as a physical barrier), including its use with beverages that require a sterilization process. They can be custom-made both externally and internally with lithographed logos and are also available in a promotional version for contests with unique, ink-jet printed, alpha-numeric codes or laser-printed alpha-numeric graphics.
26 mm, the best airtightness
The Pelliconi, 26 mm steel caps for plastic (PET), Aluminium and glass bottles are available in the pry-off (bottle opener needed) and twist-off versions and guarantee maximum seal pressure and the best airtightness for a wide range of beverages, be they sparkling or still. The 26 mm metal twist cap is also available in the "soft touch" version with a greater number of corrugations on the shell which makes it better to touch during the opening process. These closures are organoleptically neutral and therefore suitable for bottles for beverages like water, beer, wine, soft and energy drinks and dairy products. The 26 mm steel caps can be decorated with colour offset printing both internally and externally on the basis of the specific needs of the client. They are suitable for the widest range of production applications and technologies as well as for contests and promotions.
  • - Available in tin (ETP) or chrome (TFS/ECCS) plate
  • - PVC and PVC-free liners, in different colours
  • - Available in Pry-Off, Twist and Twist Soft Touch B226
  • - Available with Oxygen Scavenger liner to protect delicate drinks from oxidising
  • - Available with physical barrier liners to prevent the contamination of environmental micro pollutants.
  • - Available with a complete range of liner profiles (Pryoff 916-923, Twist 912-917).
  • - Available with printed or "Embossed" liner
For a company that is always on the look-out for new ideas, an original proposal is certainly represented by the "Embossed" crown cork.
Starting with a classic 26 mm crown cork, the surface is printed offset with the client's logo or with a text and therefore relief printed with a decoration: the surface obtained offers a new tactile feel while maintaining the same performance and visual characteristics of the standard caps.
This modern cap design can easily substitute the traditional ones (0.23 mm in thickness) thanks to its complete compatibility and interchangeability. The advantage lies in the fact that the metal of this cap is reduced in thickness, there are less raw materials and packaging used and optimized logistics. The benefit has been substantiated by the more than 15% reduction in CO2 without having diminished the performance of the caps of standard thickness thanks to the use of innovative materials for the liners. With this new closure it will be possible to considerably reduce environmental impact, not only due to the reduced amount of material used, but also because of the reduced waste and emissions per piece. These benefits add to the advantages obtained in production and logistics (less energy consumption and increased number of pieced delivered).
  • - Designed to substitute standard crown corks with a lighter and cheaper version.
  • - Same performance, same possibilities of offset print decoration.
  • - Reduction in thickness of metal used.
  • - Reduced environmental impact (reduction in consumption of raw materials and CO2 emissions).
  • - Suitable for contests with internal lithographic, laser or inkjet printing.
The 29 mm crown corks were designed for Champagne and sparkling wines, but they love beer too.
The 29 mm, single-use, steel or Aluminium crown corks (caps) for glass bottles guarantee maximum seal pressure and the best airtightness for a wide array of beverages, be they sparkling or still. These closures are organoleptically neutral and therefore suitable for water, beer, wine, soft and energy drinks. They can be decorated with colour offset printing both internally and externally on the basis of the specific needs of the client and it is possible also to have contest and promotion versions. The Pelliconi 29 mm, steel and Aluminium crown corks satisfy strict quality standards and are manufactured with raw materials in conformity with the major international regulations for materials for contact with food. Moreover, they are compatible with the most common pasteurization and hot-filling processes.
Closure for Champagne and sparkling wines.
The PVC-free liner is used together with the Obturateur DAP (also known as Bidule) for vinification using the "Classic Method" or the traditional method (Méthode Traditionelle) or with a shaped liner destined for use with all types of sparkling wine. Used for the second fermentation in bottle, it will then be substituted by the champagne cork to be put on the market.
  • - Available in steel, the FERYL line (tin plate), and Aluminium, INOXAL line.
  • - Suitable for bottles with "Champenoise" method openings.
  • - The liners available are different according to the permeability allowing for a better control of the ageing process based on the type of wine and the size of the bottle.
  • - SATURNE/MERCURE, PVC-free liner (profile 103) with physical barrier (oxygen and volatile substances), improved shape and perfectly compatible with the Obturateur DAP.
  • - PL, polyethylene liner with excellent organoleptic qualities. It eliminates the need for the Obturateur DAP during the ageing of sparkling wines using the "Méthode Traditionelle" by having a small container for the lees of the wine, one piece with the liner.
The "Obturateur DAP", known also as Bidule, is a PE insert suitable for 29 mm openings on Champenoise and Classic method bottles, 1/2, 1 and 2 litres in size, in conformity with AFNOR NF H35-022 NF and H35-029 norms.