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Pelliconi history told by those who built it with us.
Doriano Naldi knows and has been working in Pelliconi for a lot of years.
We believe that listening to him, reading "his" story of our history is the most beautiful way to reminisce. And with him, talk about the future.
The 60s and the energy of the beginning
I have been working in Pelliconi since the 60s.
Back then it was one of the few companies on Via Emilia in Ozzano: the rest was all countryside. I remember well how we worked: the transportation of the sheets was done manually and at the press caps were produced one at a time. In one year production reached 3 billion caps on semi-automatic machines (in comparison, today, we produce 30 billion caps a year). I remember the beginning well: we were about 40 employees, all very young. I have beautiful memories: an eclectic department, that we had called "Various Jobs", in which the churchkey and crown cork bottle openers, trays and caps for oil and wine were produced. Then there were the containers for the Re Sole tablets: beautiful. Pelliconi's innovative spirit was already evident: just think about the decision to have very few external suppliers (even the machines that came from suppliers were customized internally).
The 70s and the crown corks: the work was automated.
In 1974-75 the first "advanced" machines for the production of crown corks arrived. They produced caps with a cork (not plastic) liner: the press was automatic, the sheets were still introduced manually and from above. Already back then, Pelliconi was known as a "physically evolving" company: new factories, new machines. It was all really dynamic, we wanted to grow together. We all felt it.
The 80s and our eureka moments: crown cork with PVC and Maxi P-26.
I really believe that our turning point with regards to product was the introduction of the crown cork with PVC and not cork inside: a great eureka moment that came around 1985.
Then I remember a second turning point in the 2008: the creation of the MAXI P-26, the Swedish patent of a cap beside the crown cork (it's the cap with the plastic liner).
They were two extraordinary intuitions that certainly left a mark on the company.
Today, but also tomorrow: because in Pelliconi we are in love with the word "future".
Pelliconi isn't stopping here, it's not in its DNA. Pelliconi stands for vitality, both in the beginning and still today. Now, the company is working on a new project called BABYFOOD; that is 51 mm-diameter caps used to close containers for baby food and the likes. The big novelty, the beautiful one, is that the inside isn't in PVC but is PVC-FREE.
It's hard to do, of course. On the other hand, this is the meaning of innovation, right? Believing in what still hasn't been created, believing in it so much as to make it a reality.