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Promotional Cap
Your totally custom-made cap.
All the Pelliconi caps can be custom-made based on the client's specific needs. The caps can be decorated with colour, offset printing both internally and externally. For caps that require the printing of codes internally, both ink-jet or laser printing can be used. Ink-jet printing is optimal for unique alpha-numerical codes. Laser printing is ideal for repetitive graphics (images) and/or a wide range of variables and unique alpha-numeric codes and/or a combination of both. Lithographic printing is best for multi-colour graphics. In these cases, it is possible to use matt (white or coloured), removable (peel-off) or transparent liners.
  • - Crown cork with lithographic printing.
  • - Crown cork with alpha-numeric codes or laser design.
  • - Crown cork with ink-jet printed, alpha-numeric codes.
  • - Crown cork with ink-jet printed codes and lithographic printing.
  • - Crown cork with laser-printed designs or codes and lithographic printing.