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February 15th, EconomyUp - Pelliconi, how a big company innovated using a startup method//
The Startup Intelligence Observatory has analyzed the Flower Cap case: the innovation process of the crown cap, a product that never changed in 100 years. To do so, the company has adopted a set of methodologies used by startups to develop sustainable businesses in contexts of uncertainty: the Lean Startup method. Click here to read the full article. (The article is available only in Italian).
November 23rd, FuoriTg - Italy in China//
FuoriTg talks about "Italy in China", including the productions of goods of excellence and the Italian business network in one of the most productive areas in the world. Lorenzo Bali, Deputy General Manager of Pelliconi, answered the questions by Tg3: listen to him here. (This video is available only in Italian)
November 5th, - Marco Checchi: "Intangible investments help sustainability"//
During the 94th Analysis Report of the Industrial Sectors, Pelliconi CEO Marco Checchi explains the importance of intangible investments for the company to "Intangible assets are fundamental for our company to optimize the production process and at the same time improve the corporate sustainability”. Listen to the full interview by clicking on this link. (The interview is available only in Italian)
October 24th, - Pelliconi's 4.0 caps think about the stock market//
Pelliconi, world leader in the production of caps for bevarage, looks towards the listing on the Stock Exchange. "We are thinking about it and it is a possible path, but it's something that has to be done at the right time, both for the company and for the markets. Now it's not for one nor the other”. These are the words of Marco Checchi, CEO of Pelliconi. Click here to read the full article by (This article is available only in Italian)
August 7th, Raise the Bar - Looking for closure//
On Raise the Bar, a magazine by, they wrote about how Angelo Pelliconi’s wartime ingenuity spawned one of the world’s leading bottlecap suppliers.

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April 19th, Il Centro - Atessa, the caps factory rewards workers//
“Pelliconi seems to go against the grain investing on those who make the company big in the world: its employees". In these days, at the Atessa’s branch, Pelliconi takes a great step foward, renewing the company integration contract. Read the full article by “Il Centro" on this link. (The article is available only in Italian)
January 2018, Euwid Magazine - Pelliconi continues to drive internationalization in India//
A deep and complete analysis of Pelliconi’s latest growing business, in the pages of German magazine Euwid - Verpackung.

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OSCAR dell'IMBALLAGGIO: Maxi P-26 contributes to the success of PET ENGINEERING//
On April 15, in Milan took place the 59th edition of the Oscar dell’Imballaggio, an important Italian event that rewards the most innovative packaging of the country.

The PET bottle 9.3 for pasteurized beer by Pet Engineering, devised with our Maxi P-26, triumphed in the “Quality Design” category thanks to the use of an innovative material combined with a traditional image.

We are so proud to have contributed with our Maxi P-26 to the success of this ambitious project and we hope that in the future we’ll have many others opportunities to collaborate with this amazing company.
Brewing and Beverage Industry International: focus on Smart Crown.//
SABMiller, one of the world's largest brewer, has chosen our cork Smart Crown. The reason why is explained in this article published on the magazine “Brewing and Beverage Industry International” in November 2015.

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